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5 days to content confidence.

Stop staring at that blinking cursor and fighting writer's block! 5 Steps to Compelling Content is a free ecourse that will teach you how to create effective, delightful content for your creative business.

Attract, delight, serve, sell.

Delivered daily to your inbox, 5 Steps to Compelling Content is your roadmap to creating authentic, relatable content that attracts the right audience and turns them into loyal fans and customers.

Connect with your audience

Use your content to build trust and connection with your audience. You'll learn how to step into their shoes, anticipate their needs, and craft content that turns them into loyal, raving fans who keep coming back for more.

Grow your business

Your content has one job: to grow your business! We'll talk about how to connect your content with your business goals, and how to encourage your audience to take action in support of those goals.

Meet your instructor:

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Hey there! I'm Kristen.  

I’ve been making lists and telling stories since I could write. From reading about Narnia and the Little House in the Big Woods to meticulously organizing my school supplies (yep, nerd alert) to filling notebooks with my own stories, I’ve always believed in the power of words and ideas to inspire, spark change, and make a difference.  

That led me to what has become a decade-long career as a communicator and strategist. By day, I’m the senior communications director at a not-for-profit in Ottawa, Canada. By night (and early morning), I create resources and classes for creative entrepreneurs to help them brand and market their businesses.

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